Friday, October 24, 2014

Love in the Office

As a first-time contributor to the Shades of Pink romance anthology, I'm honored to be published alongside these other talented romance writers. As part of my promotion for the anthology, I'll be sharing my interviews with my fellow SoP authors.

My fellow Shades of Pink author Cynthia Sax knows just how to turn up the heat in her workplace tale The Right Decision. She tells me about her inspiration why she likes to write in first person.

NDG: Office romances can be so sexy! Do you have a corporate background? And have you ever fallen in love with a former boss?
CS: I DO have a corporate background. I played in new product development (new product lines, M&A, system rollouts, etc) for years. I spent a bit of time in the boardroom and have met a few billionaires. I’ve had some extremely hunkalicious bosses but I’ve only loved one man in my life – my dear wonderful hubby.

NDG: To me, writing in first person, especially a romance novel, is fearless. What made you choose first person over another point of view?
CS: All of my contemporary erotic romances are written in first person. I originally wrote He Watches Me (my first published contemporary erotic romance) in alternating third person and it didn’t work. First person, one point of view, the heroine’s perspective, gives readers the dating experience. There’s mystery around the hero. Is he who he says he is? What are his intentions?
NDG: How did you come to write romance? Is this your first time contributing to Shades of Pink?
CS: I read two types of books – business and romance. I love the happy ever after that comes with romance, the optimism, the hope. Yes, this is my first time contributing to Shades Of Pink! I didn’t hear about Shades of Pink until this year.
NDG: Has breast cancer affected you or someone you know directly? What inspired you to become a Shades of Pink contributor?
CS: Cancer is the number one charity I support. I received a four year full scholarship (tuition and residence) to the university of my choice based on my volunteer work with cancer charities. Sadly, the number of people I know with breast cancer is too lengthy to list. I didn’t hear about Shades of Pink until this year or I would have contributed.

NDG: What other romance writers have inspired you? 
CS: I have a group of fabulous writers that I email almost every day. Christine d’Abo, J.K. Coi, Amy Ruttan, and Wylie Snow keep each other on track, inspired, focused. Writing, as with any success, is definitely a team sport. No one is successful on her own.
NDG: Your hero in The Right Decision is extremely confident and self-assured. Does he have a softer side, and if this were a novel, would we see it?
CS: I give readers a hint of Roch’s softer side. Clearly he loves his parents and his extended family (he wishes to take Lisa to meet them). He carries Lisa’s button around with him. He hangs the ads they worked on so he can look at them all day.
NDG: What are you working on now?
CS: I’m midway into Sinful Rewards ( ), my 12 novella contemporary erotic romance serial from Avon. The first 4 have released. I’m completing revisions for Sinful Rewards 10 this week, to send to one of my editors. This weekend, I hope to complete the line edits for Sinful Rewards 6.

Last week, I  completed the submission draft of my story for Mastered 2 ( ) releasing in April, for pre-order now. I’m super excited about this BDSM contemporary erotic romance!

You can find out more about Cynthia's books at You can also find her on Facebook ( and follow her on Twitter (@CynthiaSax).

All proceeds from the Shades of Pink anthology go to breast cancer research to find a cure. For a small donation of $5 you can download the book (PDF or e-book) and read all of the wonderful stories in full, here.

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